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Power flush and chemical flushing

When the word power flushing is mentioned, usually alarm bells ring. The majority of people believe that powerflushing isn't necessary and is a way for plumbers to make money. although it is a costly process, it is also a vital part of central heating maintenance. TTPP Plumbing & Heating have been flushing heating systems, for the last eight years and have seen first hand how sludge damages your boiler and system.

Disimilar metals in your system such as copper, brass and steel, all react against each other which causes the weakest to corrode. This corrosion is then absorbed by the water circulating the system, which then turns to sludge. This sludge will blocks radiator valves, heat exchangers and all other boiler components.

This is when you will tend to have hot water and heating issues with regular boiler breakdowns. You may experience the boiler cutting out and taking a while to kick back in. Your hot water may fluctuate from hot to cold, or the boiler may loose pressure frequently. These are all common symptons that your system is in need of tender loving care.

This is where TTPP Plumbing & Heating are on hand to help, we can assist you with removing this sludge and corrosion particles. We will attach a high volecity pump to your system, add a chemical and pump all the dirt out. This will relieve tension from the boiler which will aid circulation and keep the boiler running cool and efficiently.

Prices for this process vary depending on the requirements of your system, however a realistic price including flushing, chemicals and a certificate are around £300.00. We will happily attend your property prior to any works being carried out, to fully assess your system and give our professional opinion on what needs to be done.

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Power flushing service than can be rivalled by no other. We use a state of the art machine to remove debris from your system.
Removing dirt from your central heating systems, to prevent boiler faults and breakdowns.

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