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I attended a house in Northolt in response to a hot water issue. After my initial analysis I found that the main fault was due to the system being heavily sludged. This caused the boiler to heat hot water, however the boiler itself would heat up too quickly, causing the hot water to cut out and go cold. .

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Cheap gas safe engineer services

Recently attended a blocked shower and basin in Ealing W5 and found both the sink and shower to be heavily blocked. The task wasn’t very simple as solid debris was present in the pipe. Specialist techniques were used to remove and burn out the debris, in order to release the blockage.

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professional plumbing, heating and boiler services

Attended a blocked drain in Acton on behalf of a letting Agent at 5.30 pm, what I found was really bad. Waste an excrement had overflowed from a gully in the back garden, the patio and garden path were not a pretty site. After a gruelling battle of almost ten hours, I finally removed the solid blockage and got the patio and path clean.

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Professional power flushing services

If your boiler makes loud banging noises, it usually signifies a blockage. You boiler will have one or two heat exchangers, which a re used to heat water. If one is blocked by debris or sludge, it will cause banging inside the boiler itself. The first thing you should do if this happens to you, is switch the boiler off. This will prevent any further damage from happening.

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Emergency plumbing service, dealing with leaks, faults and anything water related.

Emergency Leaks & Boiler Faults

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